Tax Deductions for the Construction Workers


Construction Worker Tax Deduction Checklist

A Tailored Accounting Solutions tax consultant is here to help you, and they know all the deductions that workers in the construction and building sector can claim. They'll make sure you don't miss a dime!

What deductions can I claim?

Construction workers can claim a variety of deductions, including:

  • The cost of driving to and from work, but only if you have to transport heavy, bulky tools or equipment (such as ladders or power tools) back and forth because there's nowhere secure to store them
  • When you drive from job site to job site during the day, any transportation expenses
  • The cost of insuring any personal tools or equipment you use for your work (that is, if you do not use the items outside of work you cannot claim a deduction)
  • Renewal fees for licenses, regulatory permits, certificates, or 'cards' required for your job
  • The cost of purchasing, repairing, and cleaning clothing (including footwear) that is protective (for example, steel-capped boots, heavy duty overalls) or is an official uniform with a distinctive logo.
  • Expenses related to buying protective gear such as gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, goggles, helmets, breathing masks, sunglasses, sunhats, and sunscreen (if you work outdoors).
  • Costs associated with self-education (such as first aid certification or renewal) relevant to your current line of work.
  • Provided your employer does not already cover any work-related phone or internet expenses, you can use your personal phone or device for work-related purposes

Recording Keeping, what do I need to keep?

Keeping impeccable records and staying on top of your receipts are important if you want a good tax refund. To keep track of this throughout the year, you should create an easy and reliable system.

In addition to keeping physical receipts, you can also keep digital copies (such as a photo of the receipt or an email receipt) as long as they are readable:

  • The name of the supplier
  • Amount of the expense
  • Nature of the goods or services
  • Date the expense was paid
  • Date of the document

Expenses under $10 don't require receipts (so long as the total doesn't exceed $200).

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