Tax Deductions for Nurses


What Tax Deductions can a Nurse claim?

Now more than ever, health care professionals like nurses, midwives, and direct carers are an essential part of our society - and we want to make sure you get every possible deduction and benefit.

This tax season, our tax agents can help you claim a wide variety of occupation-specific expenses to maximize your refund.

You are guaranteed a maximum refund due to our expertise in identifying nurse-specific deductions.

To claim a deduction for work-related expenses:

  • The money must have been spent by you and not reimbursed
  • Your income must be directly related to it
  • A record must be kept to prove your claim.

Expenses can only be claimed if they are related to your work. Expenses incurred for personal use cannot be deducted

To calculate the work-related percentage of your car expenses, you need a logbook, or you can use the cents per kilometer method if you can demonstrate to the ATO a reasonable calculation.


  • Driving your car between separate jobs on the same day
  • Driving to and from another workplace for the same employer on the same day - for example, driving from your usual clinic to another clinic.
  • When your uniform is mandatory, you may be able to claim non-slip shoes, socks, stockings, or a single item like a tie if they are an essential part of your work attire.
  • Clothing specific to your profession, which would make it easier for the public to identify you as a nurse.
  • Your required uniform, as well as the cost of laundering and dry-cleaning them.
  • Expenses related to self-education if the course is directly related to your current job, for example, a wound care course
  • Renewal of your annual practising certificate as well as attendance at work-related seminars, conferences and training courses.
  • Journals, periodicals and magazines whose content is aligned with your profession.
  •  Stethoscopes, medical equipment, reference books, and nursing fobs are all tools of the trade
  • Mobiles or pagers if you're on call
  • The work-related portion of the following expenses can be deducted if they relate to your employment:
    • Calculators
    • Union and professional association fees

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