Tax Deductions for Teachers

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Tax Deductions for Teachers

A number of deductions and benefits are specifically relevant to teachers and people working in education when filing tax returns in Australia. It's worth checking all the details, as these can significantly impact your final tax return.

Our team of expert tax agents is always available to answer any questions and assist you in preparing your tax return.

  • Expenses for self-education if the course or conference relates directly to your current job - e.g., a course in working with special needs children.
  • If you work from home, you will incur expenses such as the depreciation of office equipment, phone calls, internet access, and electricity for heating, cooling, and lighting.
  • If you buy equipment specifically for your work, such as computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and printers, you can claim a deduction for the cost over several years (depreciation).

Motor Vehicle

For car expenses, you must keep a logbook to calculate the work-related percentage, or you must demonstrate to the ATO a reasonable calculation if you use the cents per kilometre method.

If you carry bulky tools or equipment for work - for example, sporting equipment you need for a carnival - you can claim the cost of trips between home and work. These trips are deductible only if:

  • Your employer requires transporting equipment for work
  • Your income depended on the equipment
  • It was not possible to store the equipment in a secure area at the work site, and
  • At least 20kg of equipment is bulky or cumbersome to transport.

Claimable  Car expenses

  • Traveling between two jobs on the same day - for example, from one job as a teacher to another as a musician
  • Driving from your school to another school to moderate exam results on the same day for the same employer.

You may also deduct the work-related portion of the following expenses as long as they are related to your employment:

  • Phone and internet usage
  • Excursions, school trips and camps
  • First aid courses
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Protective equipment such as sunglasses, sunhats and
  • Teaching aids
  • Technical or professional publications
  • Union and professional association fees.

If you are a new teacher or have been teaching for a long time, we have the same advice.

When it comes to tax time, knowing what you can and cannot claim is essential.

Preparing for tax time and keeping track of your outgoings are crucial. If you aren't reimbursed for work-related out-of-pocket expenses, you can claim them.

Ensure you keep receipts, invoices, bank and credit card statements, and a log of your kilometres travelled for work, when and where you went, and why it was work-related so our tax experts can review them.

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