Learn what you can claim if you’re a hairdresser or beauty therapist.

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Haridressers, Beauty Industry and Tax

This occupation category includes hairdressers, manicurists, masseuses, cosmetic laser specialists, make-up artists, barbers, and beauticians. A business that employs you to perform any of these services will provide you with an income statement or payment summary that details your salary, wages, allowances, and bonuses.

To claim a deduction for work‑related expenses:

  • The money must have been spent by you and not reimbursed
  • Having a direct connection to earning a living is essential
  • To prove it, you need a record.

You can claim a wide range of deductions as a hairdresser or beauty professional, including:

  • Clothing or footwear that is protective, occupationally specific (and not just regular clothing) or a compulsory uniform can also be claimed - along with laundering costs.
  • If your employer does not provide you with a phone, you may use it to conduct work-related activities.
  • Training, education, and education costs related to your work, such as attending a beauty expo or an advanced colouring course
  • Magazines and journals related to your field of employment
  • Your tools and equipment for performing your job, such as specialist scissors


If your course directly relates to your current job and: • maintains or improves your skills and knowledge for your everyday duties - for example, an advanced colouring course for a hairdresser or training in current make-up trends for a make-up artist - you may be eligible for a deduction for self-education expenses. Your current employment will increase income or is likely to increase income.

You can claim the work-related portion of other expenses related to your employment is deductible, including

  • union and professional association fees
  • technical or professional publications,
  • personal protective equipment you purchase, such as gloves, face masks, sanitiser or antibacterial spray, since your duties require close contact with customers.

In addition to work-related expenses, you cannot claim private expenses such as music subscriptions, childcare, fines, flu shots, and other vaccinations. In addition, if your employer covered or reimbursed the cost, you can't deduct it.

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