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What to ask your accountant! | Accountants Bayswater | TAS

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Get ready to kickstart your business into high gear fo­­­­­­­­r the new year ahead! With tough conditions, unpredictable supply chains, and inflation on the rise, it's time to arm yourself with expert support to fortify your finances.

Don't go it alone; now's the perfect time to tap into the wisdom of seasoned professionals at TAS Tailored Accounting Solutions.

1. How can I master my cashflow?

In turbulent times, managing cashflow becomes paramount. Should you reward yourself with more earnings during prosperous periods or reinvest everything back into the business? Get personalised advice from your accountant to strike the perfect balance and safeguard your personal assets.

2. Is it time for strategic tax planning?

Explore whether your current business structure aligns with your goals and learn about tax-saving strategies tailored to your situation.

3. How can I set ambitious profit targets for the year?

Take a proactive stance by forecasting income and devising a robust strategy to achieve your financial aspirations with guidance from your accountant.

4. What's the impact of inflation on my business?

Stay ahead of the curve by discussing the repercussions of rising costs with your accountant. Ensure your business can weather the storm and consider adjusting pricing strategies accordingly.

5. Should I reconsider my pricing strategy?

Leverage your accountant's expertise to evaluate pricing models and make data-driven decisions to boost revenue and profit margins.

6. Are we effectively managing business debt?

Explore strategies to optimize debt management and improve cashflow to keep your business resilient.

7. What tax and super changes should I anticipate?

Stay informed about upcoming tax and superannuation adjustments to ensure compliance and mitigate any potential financial impacts on your business.

By asking the right questions and staying connected with your accountant, you'll empower your business to thrive amidst economic uncertainty in 2023 and beyond.

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Dorothea Farmakis (CPA)


Dorothea, our CPA Qualified Accountant (Registered Tax Agent), has over 25 years experience within international corporate firms in Accountancy, Funds Management and Asset Management for firms such as HSBC, P&O, Lend Lease and more.




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