6 Reasons to Outsource A Bookkeeper for Your Business – Saving You Time and Making More Profits

If you’re in small-medium business (SME), chances are you try to reduce costs by attending to your own bookkeeping. It might just be a false economy.

Choosing the right small business bookkeeper in Melbourne, who understands your SME, can actually save you more money – freeing up your valuable time to focus on business-building activity AND saving you money by knowing exactly how to streamline your bookkeeping and maximise your potential tax savings.

Sometimes, it is hard to ask for help but when you open your mind to considering a professional bookkeeper to help your business run smoothly, you will never look back. Need more convincing? Here are 6 reasons why a bookkeeper can save you time and money”

1. You can work ‘on’ your business, not ‘in’ your business

When you outsource to an experienced bookkeeper, they work hard because they know their performance is pivotal to keeping you as a client.

You can still monitor all their activity but the daily pressure and responsibility is removed, leaving your mind free to focus on what will actually grow – getting more clients and servicing your existing ones properly. The peace of mind, knowing that your record-keeping is up-to-date and fully ATO-compliant is a great stress-reducer too.

2. A regular bookkeeper has intimate knowledge of your business

Getting a remote bookkeeper to attend to things here and there when you get too busy is an okay start but to really drive your business forward, it pays to have someone who is consistent – and truly understands your business.

As your business grows, the accurate reporting can really only be produced through a thorough knowledge of your business.

4. Streamline your operations

A professional bookkeeper can help you identify and reduce inefficient business practices – with streamlined service that makes running your business even more efficient and effective.

As you save time, you’ll make even more money – with precious time clear to focus on actively making your business better, rather than wasting time taking too long to do things that an expert can do in half the time.

5. Support and flexibility

When you grow a ‘proper’ sustainable business, it should be able to operate smoothly – even when you are not there to work in it. Need a break for a business rip or family holiday? With a trusted bookkeeper who understand your business, all your account-keeping will be taken care of – even when you’re not looking over someone’s shoulder. This helps maintain your business cash-flow and keep business ticking smoothly.

6. Save on Employment Costs

Why hire a full-time bookkeeper to sit in your office when you can outsource to trusted professionals who don’t come with the added expense of holiday pay, sick leave, worker’s compensation and superannuation?

Although outsourcing rates may seem higher at first glance, when you compare them to all the added expenses of having an employee, it makes sense to have the flexibility an outsourced bookkeeping service provides your business.

As the ATO gets tougher and tougher on late lodgements and tax obligations, your best protection is an experienced bookkeeper who helps ensure your business financials are attended to on time – every time. For more info about small business bookkeeping services in Melbourne, contact our team at TAS today.